Aman Yajurvedi

Game Designer

Pune, India


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Strong Communication




Strong Formal Training


Technical Understanding




Proficient with the editor. Working on projects, creating scenes, levels and any in-house tools.

Adobe Creative Suite

Familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator and use it to help communicate ideas better. Can create mock-ups to explain UI/UX

Flow Charts and Diagram Makers

Worked with yED/Visio to create flowcharts, user journeys and algorithms.

Project Management Tools

Used JIRA, Hansoft , Microsoft Project while working in sprints. Created and managed small scale projects, resource allocation and time management

Version Control Tools

Used tools like SVN, Perforce in a project. Understand the way version control tools work and their process.

Wireframing/Prototyping Tools

Created UI Flows, Algorithm Logic, UX Prototypes with tools like yED, Visio, Justinmind Prototyper






Work Experience

Senior Game Designer | Gear Inc., Vietnam
April 2018 - Current
Game Titles
  • WWE Champions (Scopely)
  • WWE Champions Get it on Google Play
    1. One of the most successful WWE games in the market. #1 downloaded WWE mobile game (iTunes)
    2. Puzzle RPG game where WWE Superstars brawl against another
    3. Features a huge roster of WWE Superstars all the way from the Legends era to the new gen
    4. Working on creating a richer player experience, new game modes and creating exciting ways to play the game
    5. Making it easier for players to consume and enjoy the entire game's content in a more meaningful way
    6. Improving the game's KPIs by delivering regular, amazing updates

Senior Game Designer | PlayIzzOn, India
March 2017 - March 2018
Game Titles
  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Get it on Google Play
    1. First official game of the legendary cricket maestro – Sachin Tendulkar
    2. Established the metagame, core game loop and other game modes
    3. Worked on the physics based engine in Unity3D to create unique bowling deliveries
    4. Worked on the First Time User Experience (FTUE) to onboard new players
    5. Created UI mockups, wireframes, UI prototypes, flow charts
    6. Worked on the backed server API to create and deploy Live Events
    7. Created and maintained regular events templates

Senior Game Designer | Reliance Games, India
May 2013 - March 2017
Game Titles
  • WWE Mayhem
  • WWE Mayhem
    1. Fully licensed WWE game with over 30 characters and 6 classes
    2. Worked from concept stage to development
    3. Worked and iterated on the core fighting mechanics
    4. Created wrestler bios and collected in-depth information about each wrestler’s move sets, facial features, taunts, personalities
    5. Oversaw and assisted animators in creating finisher/signature moves
    6. Integrated characters, animations in the UFE fighting engine (Unity3D)

  • Drone 2: Air Assault
  • Drone 2: Air Assault
    1. Top down specialized aerial warfare action game
    2. Worked as a Senior Designer from concept to completion
    3. Created a board-game prototype to greenlight the game
    4. Worked closely with developers to facilitate level design
    5. Worked on game's pacing, difficulty balancing, weapons balancing
    6. Maintained and integrated all game data in the game engine (missions, weapons, AI)

  • Real Steel World Robot Boxing
    1. Free-to-play arena boxing game
    2. Over 50 million downloads
    3. Worked with the team soft-launch onward
    4. Worked on game balancing, new game modes
    5. Worked on game’s economy and helped improve monetization
    6. Helped the team introduce new content every month
    7. Worked alongside the product team to understand and analyze data

  • Real Steel
    1. Paid robot boxing game
    2. Consistently on the Top Grossing charts on Play Store (India)
    3. Worked with the team post launch
    4. Worked with the team to identify and improve AI behavior
    5. Balanced Robot’s stats to give player more challenging experience

  • Total Recall
    1. First person cover based shooter
    2. Worked on the game during development
    3. Researched over 50+ weapons and created concepts
    4. Worked in the Unity3D editor to create levels
    5. Worked with the team to come up with new game modes (Survival Mode)

  • After Earth
    1. Endless runner game
    2. Created variable level-segments
    3. Added improvement features like, more action during running


DSK Supinfocom, India Campus (part of Supinfogame, Valenciennes)
August 2008 - April 2012 (4 Years)

Masters in Game Design and Production Management